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imageAn Awesome Wave was released in May 2012 and I’m kicking myself for waiting two years to get to know this work. Alt J has a unique sound that they attribute to their early days of playing in a college dorm and having to tone down the bass (no worries, as there is plenty of bass on this album). The band will be releasing a new LP this month and, judging from some of the pre released tracks, it should be a superb effort as well. Many of the tracks on this record have to do with film and literature (the band was originally called The Films). In an interview, songwriter and lead singer Joe Newman said that many of the songs have to do with endings or the “demise” of characters in movies and books. Founding member and bass player Gwil Sainsbury left the band following this record and I’m hoping that doesn’t affect the band’s sound too much, because Alt J Is “An Awesome Wave.”