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Bark Psychosis are an English post-rock band/musical project from east London formed in 1986. They were one of the bands that Simon Reynolds cited when coining “post-rock” as a musical style in 1994, and are thus considered one of the key bands defining the genre.



Codename:Dustsucker Is one of only two complete album releases from the band and this 2004 effort features an array of post rock and experimental effects. There’s a smattering of vocals on this LP, as well as surprise sound effects and other noises.

bark-psychosis-hexBark Psychosis is an amalgamation of different musical styles. Mainly considered Post-Rock, there are muted vocals and ambient overtones to the music. Their first album, Hex was released in 1994, about 10 years after the formation of the band. The only constant member of the group is Graham Sutton and has evolved into Sutton’s solo project. There is a lot of experimentation and varied musical styles on these tracks, and while there are vocal tracks, they don’t detract from the broodiness of the sound.