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This is a track from the “Live At The Larcom” DVD.  It commemorates the bands 10th anniversary and features tracks that span those 10 years.   Interesting to note:  Not a cellphone in sight and the crowd is there just to breath in the music.


Hymn For The Greatest Generation is the epitome of Post-Rock instrumental music. The breadth of emotions on the LP is vast. One minute sadness, the next hope and glory. This is the record that explains the genre more than words ever could. Strings play a major part of a Caspian record and this LP/EP is no exception. It’s a cinematic landscape and a welcoming to a beautiful day.

According to Tyler Fisher’s 2007 sputnik music review of The Four Trees, Post-Rock is dead, but it’s not. He does go on to say that Caspian’s first LP is an excellent record that “combines nearly every sound from post-rock into one album that flows coherently and logically” I agree that this is an excellent record, but I disagree that Post-Rock is dead. Eight years out from that review Post-Rock is alive and well. I don’t believe in calling out musicians for not constantly changing their style. If the music is good, it’s good. Who gives a shit if the band’s sound has evolved? I do feel that as new sonic experimentation takes hold, it finds its way into this genre of music…and this genre is vast, broadly cutting a swath into all related genres.

This record is good, and, while it isn’t a concept album, it does add to the experience to listen to it straight through. The songs do progress from symphonic to guitar rock in some cases and smoothly segue into the next track.

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Formed in 2004, Caspian is a five piece instrumental Post-Rock band from Massachusetts. Their music resonates solemnity evolving into majesty as we flow along with the songs. The musicians are top-notch, with a sense of composition that isn’t overbearing or inadequate. The sound is just right. Caspian’s tracks are engineered true to the actual instrumentation as stray noises are left alone, a reminder that this isn’t computer generated, but created, the original way, with real people. I recommend having Caspian along with you the next time you attend a sunrise.