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Taj Mahal – Taj


Everybody is Somebody ~ Nobody is Nobody

Taj Mahal is widely known as a Blues artist, but in the TAJ LP he incorporates a lot of World Music and Calypso sounds.  His father, a West Indian musician, probably influenced some of his island sound compositions.  Mahal was born in Harlem in 1942 and eventually wound up in California where he formed a band with Ry Cooder (who some say is the father of Post-Rock music).  Throughout his career he experimented with many types of genres, settling on a meld of World, Blues, Country, and Jazz styles.  He’s studied ethnomusicology at the University of Massachusetts which has enabled him to take a scholarly approach to his music.




“Miles From Our Home”

No one in sight for fifty miles,
sleeping fields sigh as I glide across their spines
If I could just reach the crest of that hill
this whole day will tumble and out the night will spill

The sky is still as a spinning top,
shooting stars drop like burning words from above
If I could just connect all these dots,
the truth would tumble like a cynic vexed by love

And yet the people keep saying
I’m miles from my home,
miles from my home

I met you again in my sleep last night,
these are days of slow boats and false starts
Hearts remain under lock and key,
you will be the one to set them both free

And yet the people will tell you
your miles from your home,
miles from your home

But that’s where I want to be
Out there searching,
out here fumbling,
out here waiting,
for you and you for me

The moon hangs like a question mark,
pale as milk, bold as a promise
When will you share the sights with us?
when will we hold you in our arms?

And the people we’ll tell them
we’re miles from our home,
miles from our home