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Death Cab For Cutie’s latest release is the last album with founding member Chris Walla. Fittingly, Kintugi is the Japanese art of filling cracks in broken pottery with adhesives mixed with precious metal. It could be a subliminal message, that while the band has broken, they are stronger than ever. The music on this LP is some of Death Cab’s best work. There seems to be more emphasis on guitars and percussion than in past releases. It’s a sound closest to the Rock influence of alternative music.

imageTransatlanticism was released in 2003 and is centered around the theme of long distance love. Most of the tracks are earnest ballads with intelligent and heartfelt lyrics. The tracks embody the concept extremely well. It is a mellow vocal work that is extremely easy to listen to and anyone who’s experienced the challenges of long distance, or unrequited love will feel a part of it. The record received mostly positive reviews and has been lauded as being part of some of the top albums of the year. In addition to the low-fi numbers on the album, there are some rock grooves woven into the LP.