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I never thought I’d listen to, or even recommend an Electronica record. I was completely wrong. This Daft Punk release is a highly enjoyable set of tracks that one can dance to, or even just chill and groove with. There is a lot of heavy base and percussion, as well as some amazing synthesized experimentation. Random Access Memories is a 2013 release that won numerous accolades and awards. Unlike other Daft Punk Records, Random Access Memories” relies heavily on guest musicians and vocalists. The only electronic instrumentation is drum machines and synthesizers.

The Album Leaf

?????????????????????????????The Album Leaf is San Diegan Jimmy LaValle’s solo project. Formed in 1998, the post-rock\electronica endeavor began as an improvisational recording that evolved into the studio album An Orchestrated Rise to Fall. In 2004, Lavalle’s music gained a wider audience and some of the tracks began to be featured on many television soundtracks. Between touring and playing with other bands, Lavalle releases a record about every three years. The music is simply textured, resulting in a minimalistic spiritual sound. It is a clean, fresh sound that serves as a meditation; a calming and beautiful tranquility.

The Glitch Mob is an LA based Electronica band featuring bass heavy tracks. They are one of the more successful groups to come out of the L.A. Beat Scene. The L.A. Beat Scene is hard to describe. It’s mostly an abstract term for a bunch of eclectic artists getting together to make innovative music.

I’m including a track by The Glitch Mob that I first discovered on the Sin City 2 trailer. It features heavy bass and some Dubstep drops. The second video is a short documentary about the L.A. Beat Scene called Not a Beat, Not a Scene.

Standby Red 5

I enjoy coming up with obscure titles taken from lyrics or some other aspect of a current post, but these days, the name of some of these bands is eclectic enough. Standby Red 5 is an awesome name for a band, evoking some futuristic announcement in a sci-fi setting. To me anyway. Standby Red 5 is a Post-Rock band out of Arizona. Their sound is a mixture of symphonic electronica and catchy guitar riffs. Their albums (Nothing Ever Really Dies and Yearning For Recovery) are available on Bandcamp.com (click here) for anything you’d want to pay…even free, but please support the artists.


Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanting to be haunted

It is noise pop, electronica, or what Paco Alvarez of Spin calls “shape-shifting psychedelic pop.”



Eliot Lipp

Eliot Lipp is another Brooklynite on an electronic music sojourn. Brooklyn has had a bit of a renaissance in recent years with bands like Oneida, MGMT, and TV on the Radio all meeting success having gotten their start there. It’s said that Brooklyn is most welcoming to experimental music bands and musicians can always find a venue there. I’ve got to find my way there soon. Anyway, this artist crept up on me and I was hooked. It will definitely get you bouncing.



I’d never heard the term Indietronica before, but it does accurately describe Passion Pit’s music. Here’s Wikipedia’s definition:

Indietronica (also called Indie electronic) is a music genre that combines indie, electronica, rock and pop music. Typical instruments used in indietronica music are the electronic keyboard, synthesizer, sampler, software synthesizer, MIDI controller, and drum machine. It is also closely related to the relatively less electronic and more acoustic Chillwave (glo-fi) movement.

Michael Angelakos founded Passion Pit when he released Chunk of Change, an EP that was a Valentine’s Day gift to his girlfriend. The band expanded from a one man operation (Michael used a laptop to perform) to a four piece soon after Chunk of Change was released. The music is fresh and saturated with electronic samples evened out by catchy vocal hooks.

Here are two tracks from Passion Pit. Incidentally, the second video, Sleepyhead, was listed on Pitchfork Music’s list of top 40 music videos of 2008.