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imageExplosions in the Sky is pop Post-Rock. They are everywhere. soundtracks, commercials, television. Lots of people who’ve never heard of Post-Rock have heard. Them. They characterize their sound as “little symphonies” and the sound makes for great accompaniment to scenes of sadness, introspection, and beautiful landscapes. I can’t knock the band for being popular, the music is beautiful. Take Care, Take Care, Take Care was released in 2011 and continues the intricate sounds of past releases. It is one of the lesser exposed works, but quite beautiful as well.


The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place Is Explosions in the Sky’s third studio album. It includes the seminal work, Your Hand in Mine. The album is considered a concept album in that all the tracks are considered love songs. It was released in 2003 to critical acclaim and many of the tracks were featured in soundtracks and TV spots. The songs continue the band’s signature melancholy to explosive transitions and result in a slick, beautiful album. Here is First Breath After Coma, the first track on the record. It begins with symphonic beauty and ascends into a triumphant percussive episode. Enjoy this beautiful song and artistic fan video.