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Helios | Erebus Is a June 2015 release from the Irish outfit, God Is An Astronaut. They’ve released, by my count, seven records since 2002′ and this one definitely wasn’t “phoned in”. It’s bold and brutal at times, yet still filled with subtle beauty. I love the fuzzy, Kinkesque guitar sounds on the LP. I wonder if, like the Kinks, they had to poke knitting needles into an amp to achieve that sound.

The album is available at bandcamp.com.


All Is Violent, All Is Bright is the second studio album for this Irish Post-Rock band. God Is An Astronaut puts out a solid effort here with a full flavored, perfectly integrated symphonic journey. Keys, strings, and percussion integrate marvelously to create a rich, hour-long sonic journey. The album fully succeeds in taking one to another, more peaceful place.