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All, always the same.
But there appears in the shades of dawning,
Though your eyes are dim,
All of the pieces in the sky

Every so often I’ll revisit one of my old albums and listen with a more seasoned palate. Genesis’ Nursery Cryme isn’t one of my favorites from the Peter Gabriel era and I was only really interested in one track, The Musical Box. Listening to it now, I understand that almost half the band had been replaced and they were still growing comfortable with the new lineup. I’d also come to appreciate the slow, pretty songs on the LP. Songs I’d dismissed when I was younger because they lacked rock hooks. Most of the songs on this album tell a story, which was a trademark of the Gabriel era. Harlequin was one track I always skipped, but now, with a renewed appreciation for instrumentation and subtlety, it strikes me as a beautiful, three part harmony, hymn about hope.