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Maserati – Passages


Maserati’s Passages Was the last LP released by the band that included illustrious drummer Jerry Fuchs, who died in 2009. It is an excellent Post-Rock, Psychadelic record. Almost entirely woven with Fuchs’ percussion mastery and a talented guitar/bass trio. There are some electronic and production effects that result in some untraditional Post-Rock surprises.


Inventions For the New Season was released in 2007, two years after Jerry Fuchs joined the band (he died in 2009). His percussive elements are pervasive on this record and on some of the tracks the guitars seem to act as an introduction to the stellar drum kit artistry of Jerry. The band seems to have hit their stride with this work as all the parts are tightly woven to present a clean, clear fabric of sonic mastery. This track, Inventions, is from a live show, and demonstrates their musicianship, and a little bit of drama as the prodigal drummer enters the stage. Enjoy this short journey with Maserati.