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Classic Rock had grown stale, Progressive Rock had become a caricature of itself, Punk-Rock was alive, well, and angry. But the 1980’s brought us a New Wave of new music. The Cure were part of that wave. Kiss Me, Kiss me, Kiss Me was released in 1987, at the height of the New Wave movement. This music was a refreshing alternative to punk. It was upbeat and hopeful. It was a California drive with the top down. It was Wayfarer sunglasses with Bad Boy Club styling. It was “Just Like Heaven.”


Ask Me

Sometimes we think we know things and they may not be true. Will she say no? Will I fail? What did he mean by that? How many times has coyness, shyness, or fear worked against us? Imagine if we could go back in time and ask the things we always wondered about. The answers could be exactly what we thought, but at least we would know and we would have no regrets. Or, the answers could have changed our lives.

So ask me.

In the mid eighties, I was an anomaly among my friends. Raised on classic rock, I started migrating to New Wave music and was almost viewed as a kind of devil worshipper. New Order was one of the premier bands of the time. They evolved from Joy Division in the early eighties and were criticized by some as being unable to shake that signature sound (that band had some public image issues as well, being named for a Nazi pleasure unit). The following are some of my favorite tracks from those days. The heavy over-stylized production has less appeal to me now, but I do still enjoy the songs. On a side note, it’s really, really difficult to find original versions of these songs online. New Order broke up and reformed several times in the last decades and their music was heavily remixed.