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I thought what was done to President Obama over the last 8 years was disrespectful, and I’m not going to be that guy. This is our president now, and I’ll do my best to respect that. Im lucky to have been born a white male in this country and, other than some religious crap sure to be forced on me, it won’t affect me much. in fact, I’ll probably benefit. But, people have to understand that there’s a significant part of our population that are afraid. Brown people, women, LGBT people, and those of other religions have been made to feel unwelcome by this “movement.” Those that feel they have “won” need to reassure them and have a responsibility to take the initiative in trying to heal this country. Being a gracious and compassionate winner is a lot of what makes us American. We are deeply divided and there’s no way America can be great as polarized as we are.