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pg.lost – Key


pg.lost released Key In 2012. The Swedish four piece self describes themselves as “an orchestra of the heart”, and the heartfelt earnestness of the music is evidence of this philosophy. The music is cinematic and moving; pungent Post-Rock full of energy and emotional vibe.

Key is available at

In Never Out is a dreamscape to me. When I listen I see so much imagery; Armies on the March, horses trudging through low-lying fog, and vibrant green landscapes. The cinematic compositions weave in and out of more standard rock grooves and result in a deluge of beautiful, intelligent Post-Rock music. Pg.Lost’s 2009 release is available at

imageThis is a collaborative effort intended for a vinyl LP. pg.lost recorded two tracks for Side A, while Wang Wen Contributed 3 tracks to Side B. Side A is an epic two parter featuring intense guitar and percussion and Side B is more of a moody, traditional Post-Rock record. It can be thought of as a subtle Yin Yang creation. The record was released in 2012 and I’m looking forward to more music from both of these artists. The album is available from