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Quiet is the first track from the EP Young Mountain by This Will Destroy You. It’s heat wrenching to some, inspirational to others, and speaks of majesty to me. It’s been used in several film trailers and soundtracks. This beautiful track does start out as its title describes, but certainly doesn’t end that way.


Maar was released in 2008 and is made up of a quartet of long tracks. The record is Post-rock instrumental with some whispered vocals mixed in to achieve a very eerie effect. The Evaptoria Report went on hiatus in 2008, but recently announced a return to the studio.

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Eighteen Robins Road (linked below) is one of my favorite Post-Rock tracks. It has a relentless guitar build up to an eerie, spooky conclusion.


Airs Above Your Station Is a 2003 release from Seattle’s Kinski. It’s the last album to feature founding member, Kevin Weeks on drums. The record features some impressive guitar hooks anchored by percussion and a traditional Post-Rock background.

Helios – Eingya


Helios is a solo project from prolific multi-instrumentalist Keith Kennif. He’s also a member of Goldmund, Mint Julep, and Meadows. Eingya was his second release under the Helios brand (2006). It’s a beautiful mix of Post-Rock and Ambient sounds. This is a “good mood” record with some deeply penetrating guitar and ambient electronic overtones.

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Saltillo – Monocyte


Monocyte is a 2012 release from Trip-Hop artist Saltillo (AKA Menton3). It’s filled with eerie vocal and other sonic samples. It’s actually a soundtrack written for the comic book of the same name. Meandering time shifts, distorted instrumentation, and lush strings mark this piece.

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Here is If Wishes Were Catholics (Feat.Sarah Matthews).


A MONO record strives for perfection. Every note is in the right place and every sound is applied to the canvas layered expertly and invoking a rush of varied emotions. Hymn to the Immortal Wind was released in 2009 and is MONO’s fifth studio album. In addition to the band, nearly a dozen orchestra musicians contribute to this record. Every sound imaginable is included and there is some innovation/evolution resulting in some reverse, atypical cinematic effects. In this album you’ll be lightly caressed, beaten down, and then resuscitated by fair-haired angels.

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East-the-Water is Of the Vine’s most recent release (June 2015) and it comes 5 years after their self titled EP. It is more aura than album and the sounds wrap one in a blanket of soothing post-rock music. I enjoy the hint of angelic vocals in places and felt delivered to a peaceful calm place listening to this LP.

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