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pg.lost – Key


pg.lost released Key In 2012. The Swedish four piece self describes themselves as “an orchestra of the heart”, and the heartfelt earnestness of the music is evidence of this philosophy. The music is cinematic and moving; pungent Post-Rock full of energy and emotional vibe.

Key is available at

Helios | Erebus Is a June 2015 release from the Irish outfit, God Is An Astronaut. They’ve released, by my count, seven records since 2002′ and this one definitely wasn’t “phoned in”. It’s bold and brutal at times, yet still filled with subtle beauty. I love the fuzzy, Kinkesque guitar sounds on the LP. I wonder if, like the Kinks, they had to poke knitting needles into an amp to achieve that sound.

The album is available at


I thought I’d throw the headphones on and listen to some soothing Post-Rock music while I read an article about the Kinks in Rolling Stone magazine. It wasn’t long until the music evolved into a rhythmic crescendo, forcing me to turn away from my reading and embrace the music with all my consciousness. Saxon Shore, a predominately Philly outfit, released It Doesn’t Matter in 2009, and it appears to be their last release. The music runs the gamut from symphonic lullaby to epic rock grooves. There are vocal samples, feedback, and time signature experimentation throughout.

It Doesn’t Matter is available at


Songs Avoided In Throat starts out with some heavy bass and intense percussion, and carries that through the record as lush guitar music weaves in and out of the sonic fabric. This is a 2014 release by La Josephine (José Joaquín Sánchez Ríos) from Murcia, Spain. It’s a pretty busy album for a solo artist and includes a complicated mixture of Post-Rock and Psychedelic sounds that invigorate and calm the listener simultaneously.

The album is a “name your price” selection at


This self-titled and only release by Seattle based Beast, Please Be Still is pleasantly understated, yet fulfilling post-rock instrumental music. I get a Bohemian vibe from this LP. However, the songs are so intricately woven that they progress from minimalistic wafting to sonic assaulting hurricane with unnoticed segue.

The band promises a second release if 50 copies of the record are sold…please, please, please help me to enjoy more of this music by purchasing the LP from

Solkyri’s sophomore release is a more ambitious effort from the Australian quartet and features a bigger rock oriented wall of sound. There’s an unexpected and effective experimental vibe to Sad Boys Club and it distinguishes this release as a more mature work.

The record was released in 2015 and is available at


UK band Degree Of Arc released Halls In Hospitals at the end of 2013. It’s a sprawling, majestic manipulation of sound which captivated me from beginning to end. Their motto is:

“We make noises, record them and play them live.”

It couldn’t be more simply stated…except this music is anything but simple. There are layers of guitar, synth, and percussion, as well as voice and noise dubs. It’s a beautiful record.

Halls In Hospitals Is available as a “Name Your Price” selection at

Bark Psychosis are an English post-rock band/musical project from east London formed in 1986. They were one of the bands that Simon Reynolds cited when coining “post-rock” as a musical style in 1994, and are thus considered one of the key bands defining the genre.



Codename:Dustsucker Is one of only two complete album releases from the band and this 2004 effort features an array of post rock and experimental effects. There’s a smattering of vocals on this LP, as well as surprise sound effects and other noises.