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Before discovering Post-Rock I was (and remain) an ardent Indie music lover. I probably already mentioned that I’d grown bored with Classic and New-Wave rock and was searching for something new sonically. Brent Knopf’s first band, Menomena fit the bill. It was experimental, weird, and refreshing modern music. Brent’s vocal and guitar layers were always my favorite parts of their compositions and I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more of his raw guitar/subtle vocalization input on their records.

Ramona Falls was born with a pocketful of Brent’s unused songs from a Menomena album that was currently stalled in production and the Intuit LP was the initial result. The record is hauntingly beautiful with a copious amount of Brent’s “Kink like” fuzzy guitar, earnest vocals, and enough quirk to remind one that there is a subtle bit of humor going on here. I’m including two videos. The first is one of my favorite tracks on the LP, while the second is a fascinating “Ted Talk” appetizer on Brent’s writing process and his intentional incorporation of “beautiful” mistakes in the music.