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“I would try all these different instruments and record myself over and over in layers, so that I could make it sound huge and not just like one guy in a dark room. I just had such a need for control and I knew exactly what I wanted, so I ended up doing every single thing by myself. I learned all the instruments I needed for what I could hear in my head, and I recorded and recorded and recorded until my ears bled, and slowly I got better at it.”

Christoffer Franzén in an interview in 2013.

Lights & Motion is a Post-Rock, Instrumental project from Christoffer Franzén of Sweden. His music has been referred to a Cinematic Post-Rock Because of the dramatic buildup of loudness and intensity in the compositions. Reanimation is the debut album and is filled with lush guitar sound and cinematic style. Tracks from this record have been featured in film, television, and commercials.