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Saltillo is a musical project from Chicago based artist, menton3 (Menton J. Matthews III). He displays his multi-instrumental talent by showcasing classical stringed instruments mixed with Bass and visceral vocals. The tightness and originality of these tracks put this “Trip-Hop” record on steady rotation on my system and keep me longing for more. This track is off of the 2011 record, Ganglion.

Saltillo – Monocyte


Monocyte is a 2012 release from Trip-Hop artist Saltillo (AKA Menton3). It’s filled with eerie vocal and other sonic samples. It’s actually a soundtrack written for the comic book of the same name. Meandering time shifts, distorted instrumentation, and lush strings mark this piece.

Monocyte Is available at

Here is If Wishes Were Catholics (Feat.Sarah Matthews).