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I thought I’d throw the headphones on and listen to some soothing Post-Rock music while I read an article about the Kinks in Rolling Stone magazine. It wasn’t long until the music evolved into a rhythmic crescendo, forcing me to turn away from my reading and embrace the music with all my consciousness. Saxon Shore, a predominately Philly outfit, released It Doesn’t Matter in 2009, and it appears to be their last release. The music runs the gamut from symphonic lullaby to epic rock grooves. There are vocal samples, feedback, and time signature experimentation throughout.

It Doesn’t Matter is available at

Be a Bright Blue is the first album from Saxon Shore, a four piece out of Philadelphia. The band formed in 2001, the same year this LP was released. It was re-released in 2005. This record is considered to be LO-FI or light Post-Rock instrumental. The band’s sound evolved since then to a more deep, melodic instrumental sound. The last album release was in 2009 and there is no indication on their site of a breakup. However, Many of the musicians are involved in side projects. This track is called The Last Days of Tragic Allegory and has a sweet guitar groove throughout.