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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was an above average film that had some appealing action and a moralistic message. The Soundtrack, however, was an excellent collection of tracks that complimented the movie extremely well. The diverse mixture of Classic Rock, Pop, and Alternative genres captured my attention and, to me, made this a truly enjoyable multimedia experience. I was struck by one track from an artist I’d never heard before. Stay Alive, written by Ryan Adams and Theodore Shapiro and performed by José González is an earnest and pleasant Low-Fi pop track that I immediately enjoyed. I hope you enjoy it too.


If you’ve been to the movies in the last 30 years, you’ve heard a Danny Elfman track. He was also the lead singer and songwriter of Oingo Boingo. Elfman began his soundtrack career in 1985 when Tim Burton asked him to do the soundtrack for Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. He went on to do the soundtracks for Batman, Men in Black, and Silver Linings Playbook, as well as scores of others. Elfman has since revealed that he suffers permanent hearing damage from his early rock years and has ruled out any Oingo Boingo reunion.

These two tracks are a dichotomy between his musical styles.

I have to admit I’ve never seen the film, but the soundtrack is one of the best I’ve heard. Not particularly upbeat, actually not upbeat at all, but the song selection flows very nicely and the low-fi tempo make this an easy to listen to LP. One could almost apply this soundtrack to their own story while listening to it. The first two tracks are favorites of mine…the third is the album in its entirety.