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One of my favorite albums growing up was Trespass by Genesis (1970).  Not a particularly good album according to critics, but I’d devoured anything I could find by this band and felt this one had a deeper sense of poetry and seemed less polished than other Genesis LPs.  It was the last album that included drummer John Mayhew (fired) and guitarist Anthony Phillips (quit).  Replaced by Phil Collins and Steve Hackett respectively.  This song was direful to me, and, I believe, introduced the “voice” of Genesis that would carry throughout the Gabriel era.  It starts out with slow lilting keyboards, builds to a crescendo, then comes a subtle reflective bridge, and finally a finale filled with memorable hooks.  It also tells a sad, piteous story of a world, once beautiful, that has died.  The imagery is intense, and the sounds haunting.  I hope you like Stagnation.