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imageThe American Dollar released this self titled LP a year after forming in 2005. The music is uncannily mature for a first effort and galvanizes their signature sound. Although subsequent efforts have varied between Ambient and Post-Rock, they are formost a Post-Rock ensemble. There is some driving guitar and percussion, and even some experimental aspects tossed in. I’m just surprised I didn’t present this excellent material sooner. You can purchase this album, or even the complete discography package at This track is called “The War On Christmas.”

Shane Black quit his 9-5 job one day and embarked on a journey photographing the most gorgeous places in the United States. It resulted in 10,000 images being used to create the mesmerizing video below. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen recently and the accompanying music by The American Dollar (Signaling Through the Flames) is a perfect fit. Click here for more information on Shane Black and his odyssey.