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Revolver changed everything! This seventh release (1966) marked a significant shift in Beatles music. More electric, more psychedelic, and more experimental, it ushered in the classic rock era and set them on a path to unequaled creativity in the music world. Some say that this also marked a shift in the leadership and creative force of the band. Lennon was the leader of The Beatles up to this point, with McCartney directing the creative direction of the band going forward. The Beatles experimented with timing signatures, feedback, and intentionally straying from predictive tempo and rhythm. This track is my favorite on the LP and is well ahead of its time musically.

Let It Be is probably The Beatles’ most controversial album. It was their final release, but recorded before Abbey Road. It took so long to release, because The Beatles were unhappy with the original production (mixed by Glyn Johns) and it was shelved for a time. Phil Spector was called in to remix the record and it became the official released version. McCartney, however, was unhappy with this version as well, and another version was released called Let It Be… Naked. It basically removed all of Spector’s production work. There are many versions of this song out there and it is The Beatles’ best in my eyes. The Blue Album version seems really muted and over-produced and the remastered version with prominent bass and percussion blows it away. If you haven’t bought a Beatles’ record in the last 5 years, I recommend refreshing your set. Apple released a remastered version of all The Beatles albums from the original tapes and the sound is amazing. I’m including the “Let It Be” remastered version and the “Let It Be… Naked” version below…in that order.