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imageFifth Dimension was released in 1966. Classified as “Folk Rock” it is also accredited with accelerating the birth of “Psychedelic Rock.” The album is a mix of Lo-Fi folk and early experimental compositions. They were one of the first to incorporate non-musical sounds in their recordings (2-4-2 Foxtrot features audio of a Lear Jet takeoff sequence). There are also some covers on the LP and David Crosby took credit for popularizing the song, Hey Joe, later recorded by Jimi Hendrix. David Crosby was asked to leave during the next album recording session in 1967. While Crosby has become synonymous with The Byrds, his contribution was less than prolific, which is arguably attributed to his avant garde songwriting. The Byrds are remembered as one of the most influential bands of the time, but were a critical success only briefly. This is an instrumental live version of Eight Miles High recorded in 1970 that depicts a side of the Folk-Rock Byrds you wouldn’t expect.