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Taijin Kyofusho is a Japanese term for extreme personal shame. It’s also the title given to this sad, emotional track from The Evpatoria Report. The track is an eerie homage to the last minutes leading up to the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster of 2003, when it broke apart over the western U.S. The music overshadows the event better than words ever could.


Maar was released in 2008 and is made up of a quartet of long tracks. The record is Post-rock instrumental with some whispered vocals mixed in to achieve a very eerie effect. The Evaptoria Report went on hiatus in 2008, but recently announced a return to the studio.

Maar is available at

Eighteen Robins Road (linked below) is one of my favorite Post-Rock tracks. It has a relentless guitar build up to an eerie, spooky conclusion.