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With ridiculous track titles like Placebo Headwound and The Abandoned Hospital Ship, The Flaming Lips have carved out a place for themselves where few dare tread. They are the circus parade of the surreal; a musical acid trip. And I absolutely love them. They’ve eschewed commercialism with their bizarre lyrics and unconventional song structure. And, while the music is extremely experimental in places, there is an underlying rock rhythm that carries the songs along expertly. Clouds Taste Metallic (released 1995) is a wonderful, cinematic surprise.

“While the moon sprays its fireworks in your hair”

imageI discovered The Flaming Lips pretty late. The band originated in 1983 and I hadn’t been exposed to them until the late 2000s. Their music is considered to be Psychedelic-Rock and they have even covered Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. At War With the Mystics was released in 2006, and it was an anomaly in that it presented the material in a more traditional rock style. It won a Grammy award for “Best Rock Instrumental Performance.” This is an instrumental track called The Wizard Turns On.