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Quiet is the first track from the EP Young Mountain by This Will Destroy You. It’s heat wrenching to some, inspirational to others, and speaks of majesty to me. It’s been used in several film trailers and soundtracks. This beautiful track does start out as its title describes, but certainly doesn’t end that way.

imageThis Will Destroy You released Another Language in September 2014. It is a hard hitting, yet beautiful piece of Post-Rock instrumental music. The paradox of intense rock grooves resulting in sad, introspective music is enthralling. Even the slow parts are an ominous warning of an approaching storm of sound. The following track perfectly illustrates this buildup of sonic explosiveness (the skipping midway through is intentional).

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Young Mountain is This Will Destroy You’s first release. It was originally concert merchandise on home made CD-R. The 2006 CD garnered so much attention that they were eventually signed and the record was professionally remade. The tracks are distinctively pure as very instrument seems to stand on its own, yet still remain necessary to complete the whole. I really enjoyed this record.

This Will Destroy You (TWDY) is an instrumental post-rock band from Texas. They started out in 2005 as a conventional rock group with vocals, but abandoned that sound in favor of a rich instrumental texture. Their self titled studio debut was well received, but the band acknowledged that it was difficult to put together and hard to get the musicians together to write. The following album tour was cut short after illness and soon after, a founding member, who was the bassist, left the band. This LP, while the first studio recording was actually the band’s second (Young Mountain, a self recorded demo, was their debut). The tracks on the record are contemplative and evoke a feeling that this isn’t so much a record, but a soundtrack to some epic cosmic event.