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I was listening to a track recommended by a friend today and couldn’t help noticing an odd beat that continued throughout the song. I’d heard the song before, but never noticed. To be sure, I listened to it about 10 times and then asked if she heard it too and she did. I’m not sure it’s a mistake, but it sounded to me like a second drummer or overdub fractionally out of sync. Some musicians embrace mistakes and even add to them. The Beatles were furious when Phil Spector engineered “Let It Be” as he made it sound too slick (McCartney later remixed the record to make it sound more raw). There are other examples of mistakes in Beatles records. In “I’m Looking Through You” McCartney drops a tambourine but it was left in, I’m guessing, because it does sound musical and the engineer probably overlooked it. On “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen, you can hear the drummer yell “Fuck” at 57 seconds in (I hate that song so you won’t hear it here). This is a track that I’ve always loved from Led Zeppelin. If you listen closely, you can hear John Bonham’s bass pedal squeaking through the whole song. Now that I know it’s there it gets louder all the time. I do apologize if I ruined any of your favorite songs by pointing these quirks out.