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Wang Wen is probably China’s most prominent instrumental Post-Rock band. They’ve been making beautiful music for the last 15 years and their latest record, Eight Horses, is a seemless tapestry of haunting and emotional tracks. These songs emanate a taoist minimalism that flows into the listener with a peaceful calmness. Smiles may form, tears may flow, and peace will come. Enjoy the amazing video below, which perfectly matches the essence of this superb group of musicians. This work is available at

imageThis is a collaborative effort intended for a vinyl LP. pg.lost recorded two tracks for Side A, while Wang Wen Contributed 3 tracks to Side B. Side A is an epic two parter featuring intense guitar and percussion and Side B is more of a moody, traditional Post-Rock record. It can be thought of as a subtle Yin Yang creation. The record was released in 2012 and I’m looking forward to more music from both of these artists. The album is available from