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This was an immediate bandcamp purchase for me…especially as a “name your price” selection. I was struck with melancholy from the first lush note and experienced a range of feelings throughout the work. With The Stars As An Audience was released by We in 2011 and seems to be the band’s first and only release. It’s filled with crystal clear guitar and drum melodies and some explosive surprises.

This album is available as a “name your price” selection at bandcamp.com.

With The Stars As An Audience would be the record I’d imagerecommend to introduce someone to Post-Rock music. The straightforward instrumentation and lack of shifting time signatures makes for a collection of minimalist and extremely beautiful Post-Rock songs. We Is a traditional (guitars and drums) four piece out of Edinburgh, Scotland; one of my favorite places. You can support the artists by purchasing the LP, a “name your price” selection, at bandcamp.com