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What if God was one of us?

Singer-Songwriter week continues.

Joan Osborne is referred to as a music interpreter on Wikipedia. At first I thought, “how strange,” and wondered why I hadn’t heard that term more often. I assume it has to do with her cover work which is mostly soul and R&B and would require some interpretation musically. This is her most well known track and was released in 1995 reaching number 4 on US charts (who cares). When initially released this genre was referred to as Adult Album Alternative and was characterized mostly of music on the fringe of pop records. Eventually, this term and the term singer-songwriter evolved into what we call Indie today.

Being an apathetic agnostic (I don’t know and I don’t care), It seems odd that so many of my selections lately have to do with a creator. In any event, whether your creator is God, Yahweh, or manifestations of nature, this song should appeal as both spiritual and poetic.