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This is the final season of Son’s Of Anarchy and I’m glad it’s ending. It dismays me when a show outgrows it’s originality (think Walking Dead). The last two seasons came very close to being a soap opera, but this season seems to have re-calibrated the ferocity of these criminal elements and we’re back to an action/adventure series. Please understand, I’m not saying this is a particularly great show. It’s good, but the dialog and plot can be preposterous. It helps if you don’t take it too seriously. That being said, I’ve discovered some very good music through the show. Audra Mae’s cover of Dylan’s “Forever Young” and The Lions‘ cover of his “Girl From the North Country” are tracks I loved from earlier seasons. In this final season I discovered Yelawolf’s “Till it’s Gone” . It’s a neo Hip-Hop track with elements of country and rock layered in. Don’t get turned off by the “Hip-Hop” tag, this is an inspiring piece of alternative music.