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Shea Seger came on the scene with the millennial rush of female singer-songwriters. Beth Orton, Lucinda Williams, and Brandi Carlisle were her contemporaries. Shea Seger’s single LP, The May Street Project, was an under-rated artistic debut. Several of the tracks could have seen success if not for the glut of artistic talent at the time. unlike the others, Shea Seger laid down intricate textures and alternated between rock ballads and improvisational soulful crooning.

I’m including a couple of my favorites here. The vocals on each are fresh and wholesome, the performance is earnest.

Note: On the second selection it may seem as if the Rap track laid down over the bridge seems out of place. I welcome any experimentation in contemporary music and am especially impressed that this was attempted on a debut album. To me, the different textures in the track add a depth that would otherwise make this a forgettable pop song.